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Artist: Crack the sky









The Album

Recorded during live performances at The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, and The Agora, Cleveland, in 1978, during the "Safety In Numbers" Tour.  All of the recordings in this CD are new mixes and are remastered, using 2006 technology, and were not previously released on CD by Lifesong Records.  These live performances of MIND BABY, NUCLEAR APATHY, LONG NIGHTS and SAFETY IN NUMBERS were never previously mixed or released.  HOLD ON, LIGHTEN UP McGRAW, SHE'S A DANCER, ICE, SURF CITY and I AM THE WALRUS were previously released in the Lifesong 33-1/3 LP "LIVE SKY" (LS-6024).  SHE'S A DANCER is the full, live performance (the middle jam was edited out of the LS-6024 analog disc). Produced and engineered by Joe Macre for Cuppajoe Music.