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Terry Cashman - Biography

Terry Cashman


Terry Cashman
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Terry Cashman was born in New York City.  He watched baseball through the 50's and even played minor league baseball in the Detroit Tiger Organization in 1959 and 1960.  At that same time he was making records as a lead singer of a group called The Chevrons which had three chart successes in the years 1958-60.  The fact that Terry's group appeared on American Bandstand, at the same time he was playing professional baseball, was a forerunner of things to come in Terry Cashman's unique involvement with both music and baseball.

In 1964, Terry went to work for ABC records.  He believed that working from inside the music business was the quickest way to success.  The hit songs, "Mary In The Morning" and "Cinnamon" were songs that Terry discovered as the General Professional Manager of ABC's publishing firms.  After meeting Gene Pistilli in 1966, Cashman & Pistilli penned their first hit song, "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" which was a #1 record for Spanky & Our Gang in 1967.  After that, the duo combined with Tommy West to form Cashman, Pistilli & West and wrote the hit songs "Medicine Man," "But For Love," and "Sausalito."

Cashman & West went on their own in 1971 and recorded the famous "American City Suite" which bought them tremendous recognition as recording artists and composers.  But during that time, everything took a back seat to Cashman & West's involvement with Jim Croce.  After struggling for three to four years to get Jim's material off the ground, in 1971 "Don't Mess Around with Jim" finally became a national best-seller--and the career of one of America's greatest singer/songwriters was launched.  The recordings of "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown," "I'll have To Say I Love You In A Song," "I've Got A Name," "Time In A Bottle," and all of Croce's work live on today as classics in the recording annals.

Cashman & West formed Lifesong Records in 1975 and immediately produced a hit record with Henry Gross; "Shannon" went to the top of the charts and their label was launched.  For the next few years a lot of Terry's time was taken up in the running label.

Cashman says he always wanted to write a baseball song but could never come up with the right combination of ideas to satisfy himself.  Finally, in 1979, when a friend who worked for the Mets presented him with a picture of Willie Mays, Duke Snider, Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio, a real seed was planted in terms of a baseball song of which Cashman could be proud.

In the following years, Cashman became more involved with baseball and other sports.  Naturally there was a musical involvement which led ventures in video and television.  "Baseball Video Magazine" which Terry created aired on ESPN in 1987-89.

Terry and Steve Bilkis collaborated to create and produce "The Perfect Match," the first interactive sports game show on television, through their company:  Bilkistar Properties, Inc.  "The Perfect Match" aired from October 1994 through January 1995 on ESPN.  Terry and Steve are currently active in developing other television properties.