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He has opened for some of the biggest names in acoustic music: Arlo Guthrie, Shawn Colvin, Johnathan Edwards, Tom Rush. He's performed at some of America's best venues: The Bottom Line, The Bitter End, Club Passim, Mays Chapel, Cornell's Bound-for-Glory.  He has recorded critically acclaimed albums. He's received seven songwriting grants from ASCAP and has been awarded grants through the NEA and the Crossroads Arts Council for his SING-ME DRAW-ME children's music program which has been used by the State of Vermont's, Rutland County, Headstart Program.

James has performed in concert in over thirty states and his songs have been heard on radio, television, and in the movies.

James is a highly regarded songwriter and is best known in acoustic music circles as the author of "Big Times In A Small Town," the title track on the Martha's Vineyard Songwriter's retreat recording issued through Rounder Records and presented by Christine Lavin.

He has been called a modern day Jim Croce. James has been likened to Harry Chapin and Lyle Lovett. A great storyteller with a wry New England wit, "likable and lyrical" says the Boston Globe. Micah Engber of Maine Public Radio calls Mee a "superior writer who can blend melodic phrases with intensely emotional lyrics in an incredible manner."

Mee is indeed famous for his songs.  Cherry Lane Music released a songbook, called The Best of Contemporary Folk, with 25 new and classic songs from singer-songwriters like Harry Chapin, Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega, and Tom Paxton. The songbook includes two James Mee songs.

More on James Mee:

James Mee is a unique and rustic singer/songwriter. He will tell you, when prompted, that he has "been doin' some thinkin' " on a subject and will pull a new song seemingly out of thin air. Subjects can range from friends and family to chaos and confusion. He can be humorous, poignant, polemic, and entertaining with just a twist of lyric.

James is from a large Irish family and was raised in Vermont. He graduated from Castleton State College and although touring these days has taken him far and wide, he still makes Vermont home.

In the mid 70's, James was best known around New England as a middleweight boxing champion garnering both Vermont and New England titles. In fact it was after a particularly difficult evening in the Rocky Marciano Tournament of Champions that James came up with the idea of becoming a songwriter. "I figured songwriting had to be easier than boxing.....of course I was wrong."

Since the early 90's James has taken his talent on the road. "At first I was a bit reluctant to go on the road and leave Vermont but after mustering up the courage off I went. It's been some experience. This is a great country full of wonderful people. From Salt Lake City to Syracuse, from Phoenix to Fort Lauderdale. Yes sir, it is a wonderful place to be. It is, however, a lot bigger than it appears on my road map."

His music tells you he is a thinking man.  "An observant man blessed with a heart full of insight," says Big Mike Sullivan.  He has that uncanny ability to work lyrics and melody in an original but understandable way.  "Why, he's about the best thing to come out of Vermont since Ben & Jerry's ice cream and he's much quieter than that Howard Dean fellow," says old friend and radio personality Boom Boom Shannigan.